POSITIVE is the life password of humans.

Somebody once said “Life is like a story “.Some are positive ,while others are negative in their approach to it .

Some body once said ,happiness is what you build up and hold on to with your own effort.

Some people are cherished while others are abandoned .However ,life can never be empty , if you’re POSITIVE in every way .

From this moment onwards ,the right way for us to do things is to it with POSITIVELY. Hardship would never be with us.

#important point#

-As a great mom ,not just respect and take care of your children when they are sickness,we must take care of your children lead them have healthy heart and help them  sprang out of bad environment follow the right way with <POSITIVE>.

-As parents must clever enough to make an impact to put up your children in front of the top good career in their life.(let them high study with positive).

-Lot of humans ,they suffer in wander of their life way into unpleasant mental states,and the end they feel fear and worry.cause they are laziness ,narrow minded and selfish enough.

-All of parents to ponder earnestly to bringing up their children with hardship ,but and the end they also disappointed with their children happened ,only a way treat our children follow positive when our children was young ,that is good way for them to get strong foundation with positive ,that is respect ,take care and help each other.

-Who can heal the wounds of humans ,no one can help ,only our own self just follow POSITIVE way.which can  get <  POSITIVE > that is <Life Password >of humans ,who can stay in happiness and peaceful in wonderful world.



How hardship our parents work and made for us.

humans real story refer ,

Not long a go , have a teenager called R ,he stay in a poor family with a single mother and his grandfather and grandmother.

One a day ,Teenager R full of tension with his classmates about smart phone ,now a day they have without him…so he very angry why he born in a poor family and his father left from them.And he looked down image to his own.

Single mom was very rush and heavy in every day include weekend ,she works hard never have any rest,what she has suffering ,because she only works as a cleaner in a company.so his mom can’t  afford any expensive for everything more.only enough for foods for 2 meals  a day.

In common life , we have 3 meals  in a day,so this single mom disallow his son in request anymore.so his son angry with misunderstand with her mom ,how hardship till last breath ,she still continued with her two wonderful hands and finished her super hardship works and how hard to responsible as a single mom afford.

On this unhappy time ,he hurriedly left his home without anything he has brought ,at this night time,the weather was cold and no money to him and then he can’t  contact to his friends.He only walked around at night ship hawker street.

At that time ,have a old hawker uncle walked to near  teenager R and asked him ,do you want a bowl of  hot needle soup.Teenager R in act very fast replies to old uncle.l am very hungry for a whole day with weak power.but l forgot to bring money,l have no money uncle. After a few minutes ,old hawker pity to him ,he immediately cook a bowl of noodle to him.

Teenager R rush hurry said to old hawker ,uncle you are a person good and the best in the world,no one like you.

Old hawker heard of it and said, just a bowl of noodle soup only 3.50 Ringgit ,why did you seriously like it ,old hawker felt with looked and said to teenager R,why did you left from home ,The good one in the world is just near of you ,only your parents ,father and mother.They treat you very day cook foods ,buy clothes for you ,let you high study and treat you all the best before they have.Now …why did you said me the best ,l have only treat you Rm3.50 for a bowl of needle.

Teenager R having in hurry and said thank you to uncle ,after he rush home.When he reached home ,looked his mom found his lovely son in anxious with deeply tear,so teenager R felt very regret to his mum ,he immediately said a million thousand sorry to his mom and promise will listen and follow  with his mom ,he loved his mom and don’t want hurt his mom anymore in further life.he said…[mom is  a great mom and the best love important person, without hurt  in her life,without mom l nothing have today ,tomorrow and further .Mom is a part of his life.

Now , they stay  positive in respect ,take care and help each other with lovely and peaceful in poor family and they have happy every day with what they have.

To my reader ,in my conclusion ,if only have egg without chicken laying,that egg also can’t continence which alive.so the answer is without our parents ,we wouldn’t be alive today. So we should be happy because our parents are still alive and accompany with us and treat with respect ,take care and help them sprang out of bad environment,because they pay hardship let us study hight and always wish us can get very good career in our future.so we should need treat them as good as we can.

[Don’t  give a minute hurt them and leave them in a corner with deeply tear ,always following with respect ,take care and help them.life is peaceful and happiness every day .].

-Teenager R act with positive with respect his mom and following what he did.

-Single mom act with positive with take care pay responsibility to her parents and her son.

-Old hawker act with positive with help tell the true.

-l have been blessed humans life always act with <positive >,every moment we  should stay  happiness and peaceful in wonderful world.







Does anyone know,what is meaning of Nature?

we know:

Nature environment or wilderness

-without water ,fish cannot live.so the fish has to stay in the water in nature.

-wild animals ,like lion ,elephant ,tiger  ect .they only like to stay in deep forest in nature.

-a day has 24 hours.no one can get more than 24 hours or less than 24 hours,that’s also nature phenomenon.

-the sun rise in the east and the sun set down from the west.that’s natural phenomenon , no once can against it from human.

The best answer of Nature means in human.

-how something treats other things…the way you treat….the subject to the normal working of <law of nature.>

this moment will tell all my readers a real story.

Mr P was a old teacher ,he was sweet 70 age , he was a senior teacher before he was retired and he liked reading ,when l have asked him a question to him of have egg first or have chicken first.On this moment ,l have felt him ,his eyes stopped and kept touch a few second.he given me the answer is this question not have answer.

So how???? of it to my  all reader,could you know the answer here.if you know the answer same with me ,please give me a like.

All my readers, Do you have you first or have your parents first.so the answer now you may ,know right…well done…<the answer is chicken>

If today ,we did in success or not success in your life ,we haven’t been mistaken or forgotten with our parents,we need to treat the correct way to grateful with for what they are bringing up us ,let us hight study ,keep and give any good things for us.treat the best for us when we was a child.Today what we need or done to our parents.Only you will know it,please don’t wait and start follow now ,don’t let them sad in the corner .because we are their lovely dear before.treat your parents as good as you can as a God.

love you all,




Keystone of Positive in Nature

Keystone of Positive in Nature [everyone can get success]

Step 1-Learn Hard     Step 2-Practice Hard    Step 3-Do Hard

The top point of the human deeply suffering is because most of them like stay in shot cut or skip something they do.They only want easy job and need to get hight profit return.

step 1 skip to step3 [just hope can get some good luck]

If they work with learn hard and then direct going do hard ,so their result is not well because they don’t have any experience,may be they also  in suffer, this kind of people just to get some luck only in their result is not good.

step 1 enter step2 to step3 [strong foundation] 

If they  work with learn hard ,they did well than continuance enter practice hard  with always repeating ,that mean,you have been practicing until can let you handle in skill full of you are practicing while totally you can doing well done in every final.

Without practicing you can’t get strong foundation of it , so please don’t skip of practice hard. [we need to pay double hardship for practice hard]

So end the end ,there’s  *nothing impossible.*





see you next time byebye.






All of the humans knew about the nature of positive with these big three of formula with every act in every moment , l really say ,they  are really get the first price value with stay in wonderful world in their life.

l also always said it ,most of the people they knew it about respect ,take care and help,but they have been suffering deeply,why?

Because they did not follow of these steps.

Please plant it all in human mind and human life .which can get the value of  life of first price.

 The 1st is learn hard (with respect)

The 2nd is practice hard (with take care)

The 3rd is do hard (with help)

Above of all should done in your heart with lot of love ,if whose get the following with all of steps of deep foundation ,whose easily lead to be positively.