Natural of Positive as Secret Permanence in Human Life.

<Spiritual Power> is The LOVE in Signature of Positive.


NEVER STOP of GIVING LOVE [which act with hardship of body]-respecting. <release of laziness>

NEVER FREE of CONTRIBUTING [ which with free of heart]-take care. <release of narrow minded>

NEVER TIRED of HELPING [which act with help of soul]-help sprang out of bad environment. <release of selfish>

Positive is also simple nature of human life ,we always act with Respect, Take care and Help to others in every act in every time and every moment in our life.

What’s that mean of simple nature ?

-Simple mean is very time very moment do with the same job and repeat the same act again and again with Respect ,Take care and Help to each other.that is simple job we should following for only the big three of Respect ,Take care and Help.Life is making different in your life in today ,tomorrow and further.

-Nature mean is natural ,no one can against it ,that meant sun raise up in the east ,set down in the west.when we were child ,we take care by our parents ,so when  we are adult we need to replay to take care our parents as good as we could .so that is Circle of Nature .because don’t forget we all is human life not in animal space.


Let POSITIVE protect human’s heart and soul

Don’t let our heart and soul suffer be homeless with empty in our body in this colorful of Golden World.

Today we must start  to enter THE  POWER OF POSITIVE in our life with only seriously rotate our bad attitude to change to be POSITIVELY always through your life be  simply in RESPECT , TAKE CARE and HELP to each other .If you get all of these in strong foundation of it , Everyone need of your HELP, CONTRIBUTING and you never be alone  in your life time with lot of during your life time start enjoying Happiness ,Peace and Wonderful Life in colorful Golden World.

POSITIVE is human’s HOPE  when done all of it.

challenge with your own laziness [with  respect of body] in all of the time.

fight with your own narrow minded [with take care of heart ] in all of the time .

hit with your own selfish [with  help of soul ] in all of the time.

All of challenging ,fighting and hitting will treat only <POSITIVE> with Respect ,Take care and Help each other.So Happiness ,Peace and Wonderful Life who’s could do it.

wish all we could do it.


Big three let human life destroy

Here is the schedule following of human life in POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.

Basically act with:

POSITIVE                                                  NEGATIVE

Respect [act with body]                        Laziness [no one admitted]

Take care of [act with heart]               Narrow Minded [tiny  way further ]

Help [act with soul]                                Selfish [own profit dead end]

Laziness [no one admitted]-most of people they like skip and no one admitted they were made wronging in their own they always play lay others to escape what they were made.and the end they really fell in  deeply  of sorrow in their life time.[cheat of their body]

Narrow Minded [drop into a tiny way further life]-this kind of them ,they like to tight off of their mind ,only to think their own act or think  anything is, the right only for them, can’t received or agreed someones idea  in real action and always noisy anything.[cheat of their heart]

Selfish [own profit dead way]-this kind of them ,they are very  and only think of  their own self without someone  surround of their  life world ,include their partner,relationship, they also suffer with harmful. [waiting lot of profit without any hard working] [cheat of their soul]

We should let our body ,heart and soul lets them married it together or tight them be only one of you or me,so every moment we should act with only RESPECT ,TAKE CARE OF and HELP in every things. long and long time ,we would easily rise up in our wisdom and high image value in our life at that time ,you really feel you are staying in happiness, peace and wonderful life in the world.



See you next time. bye-bye!