Contact in Inspiration The Power of POSITIVE in your family

Inspiring Power of  POSITIVE  good to everyone*One never tires of hearing good in POSITIVE-PART I*

POSITIVE  in Respect with part of the body with we can’t less 8 hours take a rest to refresh body of energy  and without bad habits, the good health moment to refresh is 11 pm to 7 am in simple steps every day.

Without  Laziness -everyone has knows to respect of our good health ,the better way if can we only take the goods of 70% to 80% in a meal,the nature of it, we should know all of the food we took only 20% to 30% from that foods can  get the energy from it, so balances of it must be transformation  pass off to be nature soil, that’s quick a big trouble can’t pass off of it. as long a long time, everyone gains a big stomach and the symptoms of sick beginning. however, most of us greedy of foods with over full of foods, what is troubling appearance?

A person’s laziness, first cause of it. they are narrow-minded like to think a lot of negative, they always play  a lot  of lies in trick cover the next of lies, they deny, because afraid of bear what they were wrong and they need in short time may get hit benefit without hard working, this kind of them, they only wait for someone of their parents, sibling or others around of them done for them or give for them ,they only know asking without hard working and never tell the truth in their lifetime.

Some of the time, they were suffered in choose of the easy way, happen something wrong need to pretend ,they made the lies to the lies they were made to escape what they are wrong in habitually every day. After that, part of the body of them bears heavy, tired in totally suffering deeply, so they have been staying in tired life in cheap with someone and cheap their heart and soul would be harmful, so these kinds of them, they really can’t stay in peace and happiness.

wish all of us learn, practice and doing well in positive with the formula of Respect, Take care and Help every day every moment.


How To Enlighten In Our Human Nature Life

How much do you know about < LOVE > in human nature.

Without LOVE, every human can’t receive peace and happiness and the world become harmful and in the terrible. At that time, human life is suffering deeply with sad, battle at all of them, they will stay in the dark with bad environment .

Don’t forget, LOVE is the Signature of POSITIVE with Never Stop of GIVING LOVE  -act with body, Never Free of CONTRIBUTING-act with Heart and Never Tired of HELPING-act with Soul to build all it to Human Nature Life and spread all it in the world. So the world would be colored with golden in wonderland, everyone will peace and happiness every day in their life.

l always say only a way we all can stay in peace and happiness. That is ELIZA, it mean Everyday Live In Zone Active with POSITIVELY to POSITIVE, anything would make a  difference in uncommon.

Everyone knows about POSITIVE now. That’s Respect, Take care and Help in nature, the result has proved of in your further life and that time you could really enjoy peace and happiness in your whole life within learning, practicing and doing well everyday we have in our lifetime.

Look and think of the sun, it also in the Nature Phenomenon of raise up in the East and set down in the West, day and night is there with 24 hours, without the suffering of with cruel of strong wind, heavy thunder of rain with lightning and naughty of cloudy. How greater of The Sun perfectly in nature everyday.

Contact in POSITIVE can really care of characteristic of human nature and also retreat prevent of your Heart and Soul destroy in human life.