Let enjoy our life, l never plays my life enter into the dark space with full of bad environment and then let our image destroy in part of body , heart, and the important part is our soul, because the only soul brings all of cause and effect can enter to our next birth’s life journey in which type to be of you like poor ( be punishment previous’s life you did or ​rich way( previous life you did a lot good deed instead). Today we are human life, we need full support by we learn hard, practice hard and do/work hard in our lifetime before we enter the dark space when we have alive. That’s the hope we need and we have.

In an according to my experience , we only work with the simple nature with full of POSITIVE in the formula like RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP. Our lifetime would full of PEACE AND HAPPINESS EVERYDAY TODAY.

We can’t be lazy , narrow-minded and selfish, and always remind ourselves every day, every moment, we only work with POSITIVE and no need works following in our heart, that’s not a right way, sometimes possible​ be positive and sometimes possible be negative we have, that’s the big problem we suffered bother and trouble to others and in our own self .

Everything we only a way to learn hard, practice hard and do /work hard in POSITIVE with full of formula with RESPECT, TAKE CARE AND HELP every day​, every moment, that’s also the safety life way to protect and prevent enter to the dark life way.

Everyone learns hard, practice hard, and do/work hard with full of The Power of POSITIVE, life is perfect and happy enjoying everyday live in zone active .


POSITIVE only the way works with bright, clear and shining life.

POSITIVE only the way works to treat humans around of us full with RESPECT, TAKE-CARE, ​and HELP and they always keep away from LAZINESS, NARROW- MINDED AND SELFISH.

SYMPTOM of NEGATIVE with full in Laziness, Narrow-minded, and Selfish, they like to​ play hard in full of lies with a ​rough voice in the public, they only pity in lost their face and image, but they nothing have to feel it, what they are doing it in the darker space. UNTIL…someone knows their bad habitual, they skipped and wasting a lot of time and power till their body weak​ ,​ they also made a number of empty promise inner, let harm suffer deeply with their own heart sickness and never deny what they are doing in their lifetime, that’s common they do.

SYMPTOM of POSITIVE with full in RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP. These kinds of them, they always RESPECT others and they own, they also very hard do working used their time through finished their job on time to chance to get the benefit or gain. They work full of power with LEARN HARD, PRACTISE HARD, and DO/ WORK HARD to finish their life commit job with skill full of experience done in their job like we have ​to climb up the staircase one stair by one stair​, very good foundation and we have very strong patience continue with NEVER STOP OF GIVING LOVE, NEVER FREE OF CONTRIBUTING, and NEVER TIRED OF
HELPING, to treat everyone around of us , we really never falling down and harm suffered in our life moment.

Now a day, we only need to fight to our LAZINESS, to challenge our NARROW-MINDED(tiny way) at the time to finish our job. We need ​to console yourself connect signed like , and to fit our SELFISH to give both of others to get the fair benefit, so it is a ​great way in your future.

POSITIVE be a simple symptom smile like The Sun.

The Great Sun Never Stop, Never Free and Never tired give brighten of full of love to all of us who’s needs. Nobody can again and no one can be turned it back the time or returned.

Do an​ uncommon you with full of POSITIVE with simple formula of RESPECT, TAKE CARE and HELP enter to treat everyone around of us.I would promise you on your lifetime, you have never been an enemy, everyone need you help and advice, you never be alone, your lifetime would be full of fantastic and always stay in the wonderf​ul world.

Everyone knows of these big three of RESPECT, TAKE CAR​E, and HELP, all of these are simple in pure and today why a lot of us in humans, they treat and lead their life in suffered, they skipped and can’t do all at well because in the first they think a lot of NEGATIVES to protect them, the second they afraid at the same time choose to enter the NEGATIVE action until their part of BODY tired to part of HERAT tired and end the end part of SOUL tired. N​O, a NEGATIVE can give human life benefit, they only receive shortly cheerful. So, everyone should build and create with THE POWER OF POSITIVE LIFE WHEN WE ARE ALIVE.

For an example;
A doctor, before being a doctor, they have the need to completed their studying in 5 years in university, every term of semester examination must have an ​excellent result when they finished graduation, they need enter for 2 years foundation practice to be a real doctor.

Human nature needs to be Learn Hard, Practice Hard and Do Hard, that’s the right way we have confident and have a skill full experience, so we can do the excellent job at well.

wish all of human life can follow with full of POSITIVE.