How much deeply?? Do you know what’s The Love??? Are The Love could be cheat, lying or abandon???what’s the cause they have happened??? why humans always suffer??? Are they  understand about RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP?? I told again, they knew all it, the only cause of they like play lies with full of denying in the skip of the matters and they deeply addict with full of laziness, narrow-minded, and selfish in their life.

The LOVE is away as The Signature of POSITIVE likes The GREAT OF THE SUN in the simple nature of phenomena. How great of The Sun, how great of The Love, both of them are equally proud to the humans. We need to follow the like nature simple POSITIVE with the formula of RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP.

The only human be NEVER STOP of Giving Love, NEVER FREE of Contributing, and NEVER TIRED of Helping in humans life and animal creature around for you when you have alive within part of your body, heart, and soul. Let them marry together with full of POSITIVE engraved in your mind about your life. You make it different, You shall be in treasurable life and rich in knowledge.

Today, l know everyone knows what’s POSITIVE and what’s RESPECT,  TAKE CARE , and HELP, why today a large number of us still suffering, can’t get the peace, the cause of them, they skip , not enough strong foundation of practice hard again and again. Big cause of laziness we need focus today .

A person success of their life, they work hard with full of their heart and only continue a little bit hard work in their focus target in the vision.

What’s thing with easy job?? the answer is just left or abandon.

What’s thing of difficult job??? the answer is unlimited continue.


The Power of​ the Mind

ONLY POSITIVE, HUMANS HAVE ENTER, Ways to get. The most out of your Happiness when you have done strong of foundation act in POSITIVE with full of formula likes RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP in everyone around of you and yourself in part of body, heart, and soul, that equally really gets peaceful without humans life battle and alway stays in the brighten life with riches full of the new hope every day every moment when we have alive.

When some of the negative shadow appearances, we should tread it enter to be POSITIVE with the formula of RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP to others, the way of negative directly turned to be POSITIVE with peace.

We need the only focus of the matters or the things without that person, life is making a difference and the matters or the things would become improving in good with high quality in future.

When we learn hard, practice hard, and  work hard in the POWER POSITIVE, the shadow of negative would totally far away from YOU. So on that time, you may enjoy permanent happiness and peace in during your lifetime.

Everyone live in zone active, in a power of POSITIVE  with the formula of RESPECT,   TAKE CARE, and Help with a lot of love.

Valued enter to be POSITIVE


The really and great love should be like The Sun as like a signature of POSITIVE in full with NEVER STOP of GIVING LOVE, NEVER FREE of CONTRIBUTING and NEVER TIRED of HELPING to others around of you when you have alive.
Today THE LOVE is liked mirror, when fallen easily broken , easily be lying, and easily abandon by the human today, what’s the problem, the important cause is, they are laziness person (without responsibility in part of body of their own promise), narrow-minded , uncontrolled negative emotion and easy angry with hot temperature (emotion self-punishment) enter to tiny way and drop into the bad environment, let their attitude( part of body) continue in the dark, they never deny and continue to be lies again and again until their body tired (cause of laziness), let their heart bearing tired in the death way with incurable(heart sickness) and the end our soul heavying tired in death. They really also wasting their lifetime with poor knowledge in empty alive, this kind of them we only say they lost their lifetime in learn less, practices less and work less in the lowest space of their life when they are alive. We are human space, can change enter to the easy right way in POSITIVE, humans need and choose.

Do you know, what difference in the common knowledge of between human life and animal creature?
HUMAN LIFE- We are human, need stay in human life, we have known we have chosen, and every human need enter to be POSITIVE with formula in RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP. ONLY HUMAN LIFE CAN DONE WITH FATE OF POSITIVE. HUMAN LIFE WOULD FULLY OF PEACE AND HAPPINESS EVERYDAY WE HAVE NEED CHANGE TODAY.

ANIMAL CREATURE – We know they are animal, they have no choice, only depend on their own what to do to them in fate of animal creatures, they also don’t know how to tell their feeling to connect to choose with human and conversation to others around of them to find a good solution to entering, they always fight and better with cruel without rule of law because they have no choice of animal creature space.

Human life needs to habituate enter and contact in everyday live in zone active with POWER of POSITIVE in a formula of RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP. Life is enjoying perfectly.