POSITIVE SHALL LEAD YOU BE UNCOMMON LIFE IN PEACE AND HAPPINESS EVERY DAY. The main point is how much did you understand of THE POSITIVE in a formula of RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP, everybody if they are suffering and let them sprang out of the dark environment surrounding of you today only a way made sure enter POSITIVE.

when NEGATIVE appearance, really says NO..and  directly turned to be POSITIVE, and we haven’t betrayed  and destroyed our love life partner, parents, siblings and our friends today. Life is really a difference.

The real common story to refer,
Mr. S , he was a sales manager of a company, he only has a primary standard, and he was an abandoned child after his mother passed away because he dislikes his father got married again and have a new adapt mother when he finishes primary and enters for many kinds of job. I knew of him , the cause of him, he enters the sales market. He did a very hard working , and an upon a time, he has archived and enters reached as a marketing manager in very short time he did well, but not long a time he dropped and his job hasn’t been raising up the cause of he didn’t enough knowledge to continue his position and downed his business at all, his life turned back in the beginning cause of he has addict gambling deeply with loan shack force. Today everybody’s need to paid with full of consequences to his own self, why we like to hurt and harm in NEGATIVE???

Mr. C, he is a CEO of a marketing company, he has a standard from the university of UK.  He didn’t have any experience when he enters employment  with a sale marketing as a CEO of a company, he hasn’t any experiences in marketing but he likes business.
Look at here, in a company at the same time employed a common low intelligent, he has more experienced and his success just on the shortened time he got , he has been suffering deeply when he was successful, at the same time with full of gambling, and end the end enter to a loan shark. How ugly and tired of common life we looked.

Another is uncommon, highly intelligent , in the first he was very affairs to Mr.S, because he built his very good term within his experiences and himself really success in the first than to Mr. C, but Mr. C paid  as a duty in very hardship to learnt all of the experience from Mr. S in since three years ago, and under their director forced and carved,  now a day  Mr.C is a very successful businessman and  he did very smart management under his handling with signature of POSITIVE like NEVER STOP OF GIVING LOVE, NEVER FREE OF CONTRIBUTING and NEVER TIRED OF HELPING. Today he has very success in his job, and very  proud for him.

As a human, today we need woke up and realized, how fantastic in THE POWER OF POSITIVE we hope and need get the life password. DON’T WAIT AGAIN HUMAN.

The common easy drive their own life to enter into a dark environment , the main clause of their practical unexpected hardship skill full of experience in.



DON’T STUCK NEGATIVE SUFFER OF YOUR LIFETIME with Narrow Minded .(tiny way, drop or lost your own face and down your own image in life). How ugly and painful of the life??

A real story to refer.
Mr. P, He was a senior teacher before retired, he was sweet 70 when l knew him,  he always told his life’s story,  when he was young. He has learned hard when he was in university as a student and he is very luckily achieved interview to enter 2 years went overseas in the UK, had trained a higher standard quality  teacher by the support of garment.
When l was his student about 2 years time, he always told me about his’s mother how straight to him with her focused life story to her son’s future as a mother and how his mother forced him in the past till his mother very senior and past away.

Mr. P, he has still dislike his mother works to him and alway told me about his mother did with him the unfair way to him between his sibling and only him difference been special.
At that moment, did you know , what l could ask my teacher?? Sir,may l have a question??did you felt you are a successful person today??? He replied with me , yes, he was till now , he got the property, a few car, got a happily family with the wife and two children already marries and got grandson, in his lifetime, he was a very good and a successful in his life.
So, we need focus here, today you are a success person, who’s given a big power , can let you success today, no one, only your great mum, if in the event, your mum didn’t force and curve in  you are a treasured stone like a diamond, when you was younger, are you can get success today??? No…. Never…never…never…been..

As a mother , what she needs to do and what’s possible need to enter the real and positively , let her son became a prudentiality person can stand up in front to others without fear and worried, but as a son never can understand what hardship as a parents did to them, that’s regrets as the parents’ children before they are getting success and lot of them , they are made himself narrow-minded and selfish, drop in dark place and only thought of themselves, that’s very big problem people suffering now a day, they success cause of they locked in their life without their parents positively to them.
Look at this really story, what’s that happened to it??? Are you realized of this life’s story in example???
How he built empty since sincerely to his mother ?? Are his life staying in pity lifetime ??

Are his life staying in pity lifetime ??

when he realized , are he can’t to replied to his parents ??
 Are he regrets in his lifetime or all the human life is cruel ??
Are human likes to stay or prevent in the narrow- minded and selfish???
Are human easily forgotten their parents works for ???????????



A width of the sky as huge of heart hollow volume. <THE POSITIVE DOING WITH>.

Everyone needs success in their life, but no one can deny their common action, let themselves failed and painful.
In here we just take a simple example for it.
A fat girl needs to slim her body and then, she enters a beauty saloon make a major operation, taken out of her body oil over with a lot of numbers spends. And not a long a time, she back with the same of her big size body. She decided to make in a painful body and more spent, the answer is same, she still a fat girl with her hardship brings down her weigh, that’s her result  can’t change.
Are her enter way is wrong???? The answer is , she is not a smart girl. If she is a clever person, she can’t be doing wrong in the 2nd or 3rd time  and again to again of her fool or naive life.
In the POSITIVELY right way, surrounding of our friends or others, as them as a mirror, if they are fat, look them how hard they moved their body and easily tired, and hope without any sickness, they still need to finish their job to survive.
In the certain time, we just only taken 70% to 80%  foods for a meal or 2-time meal for a day and need doing hard exercise, that’s all is on hold by our hand arrangement if we need slim beauty body without painful life, we need hard to learn, practise, and work well. That’s the best advice in the POSITIVE life, please don’t to think clever and always skip the part of practice hard in strong foundation shall be simple nature every day.
Always do hardship a little bit continued and talk less a little bit. The result and answer are difference brighten.