ONLY HUMAN LIFE CAN GET THE POSITIVE in FORMULA with RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP into THE SIGNATURE of POSITIVE with NEVER STOP, NEVER FREE and NEVER TIRED. Congratulation your life perfectly with Happiness and Peace. When we are alive, we need to make sure which are THE POSITIVE OR THE NEGATIVE. We had decided before choose to enter our lifetime way. Everyone needs to enjoy the HAPPINESS and PEACE….
but they don’t know which the way of they want need to enter and how to going today???
Humans need RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP. That’s THE PASSWORD of HUMAN LIFE. The password is giving, that’s THE KEY’S LIFE ON YOUR HAND, YOU ALSO CAN’T GET SAFETY IN LIFE,  enter into THE HAPPINESS and PEACE today. What’s and Why the trouble of the human life appearance always???
The big cause of the human did today, they don’t want to change from, why? Because they afraid and disagree, they were denied in their stupid way, lost their face and dropped their image and never regret till tired in part of body, heart and soul dropped in the deeply dark in common, when they are in the old age may be stayed and spend money or would send by others enter to the old folk home the end. THE most of the mind of them really stuck thick of THE NEGATIVE of LAZINESS, NARROW-MINDED, and SELFISH, the difficult result of in their own lifetime.



Make the life in the world colourfully, beauty and peace are going every human should be compulsory enter into enjoying THE POSITIVE in a formula with RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP . The Practice should be without laziness, narrow-minded and selfish in the life time.

Do you know??Which type of the humans’ life full in laziness. THE FIRST TYPE of who are drawing the rubbish and dirtied at all of the environment where they have, this kind of them always stay given the troublesome to others and they really tried in part of the body and inner of their heart. THE SECOND TYPES of who are cleaning the rubbishes till they are in tired to help them who giving the trouble drew the rubbished, and THE THIRD TYPES of who’s throwing the rubbish into the dustbin, this kind of them, they did POSITIVE with the right way, they have principle following the rule of law, which kinds of you did on before and today you need to choose and enter.

Seriously, who alive in life with POSITIVE in a formula of RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP with the closure of your parents, sibling, and relationship to make a harmonious family. Without your closer parents, you can’t get the result as good as we have today. That is the presence of them gives us and the result we can’t lose and waste in our lifetime when we are alive for replying.

 Don’t set up in dangers of the dark environment in NEGATIVE with large LAZINESS. We have need Learn hardship with POSITIVE in the formula of Respect, Take care, and Help in part of your body, let your body get worked POSITIVE in healthy, your heart in peace appearance.


A professional as a doctors, lawyers , accountants, engineer, high teaching and etc .they’ve been knowing of THE  POSITIVE in the formula of RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP. But they’re going to have suffered.  Did you know why?? Because of they’re inner really deeply suffered with narrow-minded and selfishly ??? The dark signals following and black voice become a problem, trouble, bother and long a longer stuck in the heart and soul, let our act in the part of the body can’t to control and grow become demon dropped into the devil’s place, it’s can’t to look and feel freedom delivery .

A real tale refers recently,
A doctor Mr. J, he told me, as a road cleaner is a real job of the social contributed , their job is great.
Do you know, in the world have 3 types of human, the first type is who’s’ drawing rubbish, they could be rubbish’s world in common,  the second types are who’s’ cleaning the rubbish, they could spending time and money to employ to settle all the rubbish, they always stay in tired life and the third is who’s’ draw the rubbish into the dustbin( who’s did simple in amazing, who did the POSITIVE way), that’s the right way to clean and peace, if everyone following,  we should and need to do POSITIVE with RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP in every moment, every time and everything, the world would peace and perfectly in every human life living.



ASK YOUR OWNSELF, let into parts of your body, heart, and soul, married be a kind ego(oneself) WHICH YOU HAVE ENTER BE A POSITIVE. The way peace you have.

The major of common did, they always do following by their moody  from their feeling with the heart, let their body harmful in tired and heart sickness dropped into NEGATIVE IN THE LIFE’S LIVING. Don’t forget, let THE POSITIVE control the ego(oneself ) doing very things, because of Nothings the possible for permanent, ONLY THE ONES IS OUR SOUL, shall continue to enter into the next another life journey, we have done on the strong foundation with full of POSITIVE. We really can be human in a life again. If not that, our SOUL dropped into another LOW SPACE may between animal or demon in the next lifetime when alive.

The common always be lying to protect them, why we have dropped stay with cruel in pity destroy our life. The sufferer needs spring out  of common enter to THE POSITIVE. In uncommon, we always treat others with RESPECT, TAKE CARE, and HELP in every moment, every time, and everything, we have done. The lifetime really perfects in peace. Give a chance to win enter POSITIVE.

You should know what you have been done?? Because the ways be POSITIVE enter, you really get freedom in peace and happily every day or if you need to choose  enter to be a NEGATIVE with cheap in part of your Body, Heart, and Soul, your life way only darkened in suffered, equally chronic in chaotic to suicide our ego( oneself). Believe yourself IN THE  POSITIVE, you should far away and be prevented  from the NEGATIVE, just turned enter to THE POSITIVE in the formula of RESPECT, TAKE CARE,and HELP in every moment every time everything. Life really becomes perfectly with stepstone of LEARN HARD, PRACTICE HARD,  and WORK HARD in THE POSITIVE LIFE.



POSITIVE CAN BUILT AND CREATED  THE LIFE ARE HARVESTING. When we did strong basically the foundation in Learn Hard, Practice Hard, and Work Hard in beginning with THE  POSITIVE.
In common way treat yourself with the following within their  heart bring their’s own in NEGATIVE in laziness, and they work enter addicts a lot of bad habits, they have allowed their own in NARROW-MINDED and dropped in the dark space with their’s SOUL enter become very selfish, they always think and look at their own benefits without any others,  cause of full of laziness at first, need to skip of their lying in end the end Heart and Soul wound in internal injury suffered. Let disability love, brutal or cruel life for themselves, that’s in faith,…no, they enter the wrong life way suffering in NEGATIVE.

In an uncommon -every time, every moment is a hope and chance need to improve in their jobs, works and be special differences, never waste and always challenged their laziness to get success in time. They always treat their own in the signature of POSITIVE with NEVER STOP FORGIVING LOVE, NEVER FREE FOR  CONTRIBUTING, and NEVER TIRED FOR HELPING TO CONTINUE OUR LIFETIME WHEN WE ARE ALIVE WITH YOU and  this kind of them, they always stand in front and let their parents  proud to others.

POSITIVE LIFE. We have always stayed with signatures of POSITIVE with NEVER STOP for Giving Love, NEVER FREE for Contributing, and NEVER TIRED for Helping to continue our lifetime when we are alive, never suffer when we have done in with a strong foundation with full of Learn Hard, Practice Hard, and Do/Work Hard in every day every moment we need to be done.